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What is Nizagara?

Nizagara tablets contain generic sildenafil citrate. The medicine is mostly taken orally. It is used to treat erectile issues. The problem is common for men who have less stamina to achieve and maintain an erection. Many males also have a problem maintaining erections. Smoking and lack of sleep are two common reasons for erectile problems.

Many people also have erection problems due to depression and high-stress levels. The health issue is not a rare condition for men. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. For example, weakness due to some diseases like diabetes or addictive habits such as alcohol consumption, and lifestyle problems such as anxiety can reduce the blood supply to the penis.

As the generic Sildenafil containing Nizagara  100 medicine acts as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, it can remove impotence related problems within an hour. That’s why for treating impotence, medicine has become a reliable choice.

Use of Nizagara

Erectile dysfunction is not a rare problem in men. For treating the problem, Nizagara is used. It dilates the blood vessels in the penis and draws enough blood to make an erection possible. The oral pill is also used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Nizagara is sold as oral tablets. It treats ED through PDE5 blocking. Nizagara is a brand name that is a reliable option to treat impotence in men. Some men get an erection, but they cannot maintain or achieve a proper erection during sexual intercourse for a sufficient amount of time.

The condition is also known as partial erectile dysfunction. Nizagara is also useful in this condition. The medicine is available in various potencies. A doctor suggests proper dosages of the medicine based on the degree of erection problem.

How does the Nizagara pill work?

Nizagara medicine contains sildenafil citrate. That’s why it assists to increase blood flow to the penis. Nizagara helps in prolonging the erection time. The effects of this drug are done by activating a chemical called NO (nitrogen oxide).

The chemical is responsible for the structure of a male erection. At the time of getting an erection, GTP turns into C-GMP. Sildenafil inactivates the PDE-5 enzymes involved in the breakdown of GMP. The main reason to use Nizagara is to block PDE 5 enzymes. As a result, you will have enough blood volume in your penile vein for a sustain period.

What happens If you take an overdose?

There are no or minimum side effects if Nizagara is take in the right dose. You should report any serious or minor side effects immediately. The list of side affects you may have in case of overdosing is as follows.

  • Stop taking medicine and ask a doctor to prescribe other erectile dysfunction drugs.
  • If you drink alcohol or smoke too much after taking medicine, you may tend to faint.
  • Your doctor should know all of your existing medications plan. The medicine interacts with many medicines. For example, if taken just before or after taking BP medicine, your BP level can drop to dangerous levels.
  • If you have a heart problem or a weak nervous system, you shouldn’t opt for higher medicine dosages. You should avoid the medicine.
  • You may have a stomach cramp after taking medicine if your body can’t tolerate the medicine.

What are the Benefits of Nizagara?

The benefits of Nizagara tablets are as follows:

  • Nizagara is a popular drug to treat erectile dysfunction. It provides benefits to erectile patients within an hour. You will get results from the first dose.
  • Many males who want to save relationships need a quick fix to their problems. Other impotency treating treatments take weeks to show results. But Nizagara takes a maximum of one hour to fix impotence. That’s why it saves men from negative thinking and mental pressure related to sexual performance.
  • Nizagara contains the popular sildenafil citrate. Hence, it works the same as Pfizer’s Viagra . These tablets are packed in proper packaging. Taking the tablet is easy as you just need to gulp a tablet with a glass of water half an hour to one hour before having sex.
  • Nizagara is a globally recognize drug for treating ED-related issues. No matter how dire the situation, Niagara can cure a patient of ED within an hour.
  • If a man finishes early enough that is not satisfactory to his partner, the man needs the help of erectile dysfunction drugs like Nizagara. This is because the medicine also helps treat premature ejaculation to some degree.
  •  Many people think that ED is only a weakness, but it can be due to blockages in penile veins. The medicine helps remove these blockages as it dilates and increases blood flow in penile veins.
  • The medicine is beneficial to the age group of 21-60 years old.

Why buy Nizagara from

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Allprimepill is always serious about maintaining the delivery deadline. You can expect quick delivery of Nizagara tablets from our website. This medication is available at online pharmacies, but you will need to create a prescription to buy it. Taking suggestions about the right medicine dosage helps in averting side effects.

What are the drug Interactions of Nizagara?

That’s why a user should take suggestions from his doctor before using Nizagara about her medication planning.

The tablet interacts with Nitrates. You may have a cardiac arrest if you take medicine with nitrates. Nizagara can increase or inhibit the actions of BP medicines. The medicine also interacts with some antiviral and antibacterial medicines. The ED treating drug also interacts with Alpha-blocker tablets.


Nizagara tablets shouldn’t be kept open in the air. Avoid storing medicine in a freezer or bathroom.


How does an erection happen?

Then, the blood vessels in the penis receive a large amount of blood. This rush of blood causes an erection. If your body is unable to send excess blood in penile veins, Nizagara does it for you.

When should I take Nizagara?

You should take a Nizagara tablet around one hour before having sex. One tablet is enough for satisfactory results. Never double your dosages by taking two medicines at a time. The medicine starts to lose its efficacy after two to three hours. Hence, completing sexual activities between one to two hours can provide the best results.