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What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation or PE is a disease in which a male doesn’t have the stamina to delay ejaculation enough to satisfy his partner. A person who is suffering from PE usually ejaculates within a minute. For erectile dysfunction you can take Super Vidalista tablet.

There are many reasons for this poor health condition. Often psychological issues are responsible for PE. For this reason, employees who have hectic and pressurized life are prone to this poor health condition. Many men who have anxiety issues also have premature ejaculation issues. 

We don’t have time for exercising. Moreover, an improper diet, especially the inclusion of junk foods, makes our nutrition improper. According to many health experts, improper diet is also responsible for Premature Ejaculation. In worst cases, ejaculation may also occur before inserting the penis.

Diagnosis of Premature Ejaculation

As there are many reasons for Premature Ejaculation, an experienced doctor is needed to resolve the issue. The doctor needs to check the health history as some diseases can also cause this health issue. For example, if a person has high diabetes for a long time, then the person may have Premature Ejaculation.  

In some cases, physical exams are also needed. Many things become clear after checking testosterone levels. Sometimes, weak penile tissues are also responsible for Premature Ejaculation. Based on the condition, a person can be referred to a urologist in case of a penile system disturbance. 

On the other hand, you need to visit a mental health professional if there are mental issues. However, in most cases, a sexologist is enough for complete treatment. For example, if you have Premature Ejaculation due to a low confidence issue, then a sexologist can help with his experiences for a complete treatment.

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

There are several treatments available for treating premature ejaculation. The easiest one is treating the problem with medication, and there are many medicines available in the market to resolve the issue. For example, dapoxetine-containing medicines is one of the solutions for premature ejaculation. 

If you take medicine according to your doctor’s direction, your problem will be treated easily. However, other medicines also claim a complete cure for the health issue. For example, Ayurvedic and Unani medicines manufacturers claim that they can cure premature ejaculation.

In this problem, allopathic medicines should be used in most cases. The reason is medicines like dapoxetine can provide results from the first dose. A person needs to take medication a few hours before going to bed. Sildenafil-containing medication is also good for the problem. However, it is fully beneficial for erection problems only. In case of premature ejaculation, sildenafil-containing medicines can provide mild benefits. 

Dapoxetine acts as an antidepressant in our body. If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, medicine can cure you. Dapoxetine provides a sense of calmness in our nervous system and works in our serotonin. By making chemical changes, medicine helps us to control ejaculation. 

You should only use FDA-approved drugs for treating your premature ejaculation issues. Otherwise, your problem will be worst. That’s why seeking help from an experienced doctor is always beneficial.

Other treatments for Premature Ejaculation

Medicines are necessary to treat premature ejaculation. However, you should not depend solely on medicines, and the reason is long-term use of these medicine decreases your libido. Moreover, you may feel more energetic after taking these medicines. Include some exercises and a healthy diet routine in your lifestyle. 

You should seek help from a psychiatrist to treat your depression. They can also teach you techniques to cope with stress and depression. Daily exercise can reduce depression and stress and boost our testosterone level, and exercising frequently will also increase your stamina. Moreover, certain activities are designed for treating sexual issues. For example, pelvic muscles exercise. 

It is found that with the combined effect of medication and pelvic muscle exercise, one can cure premature ejaculation issues very quickly. Moreover combining these two can help you to get a benefit for a long time. That means you can perform well without the help of medication after a certain period of medication. Certain techniques can improve your sexual Wellness. Especially in the cases of premature ejaculation, doctors suggest some special techniques. For example, the start and stop technique, the start and squeeze technique, etc. 

These techniques are beneficial to increase your sexual performance. These techniques enable many people to increase their sexual performance. An experienced doctor can teach you these techniques. Previously mentioned, pelvic muscle exercise can improve your sexual performance, and you can ask your doctor to train you on this type of exercise. Lastly, many foods and herbs can increase your vigor. For example, ashwagandha can increase your sexual performance. Fruits like watermelon, figs, and dates can improve your sexual performance. 


As discussed, many herbs, foods, and exercises can improve your sexual performance. However, you may need to wait for weeks or even months to see a good result or enough satisfactory results. That’s why we suggest taking medication, and the reason is medication can improve your vigor from the first day. With medicine, you can apply other habits mentioned here to recover in the long run. 

In case of severe depression and nervousness issues, you need some counseling. Remember that overdosing on sexual wellness medication can bring long-lasting side effects. As a result, the recovery process can become a lengthy process. That’s why to take your medicines as directed by your doctor. 

Many medicines are available in the market that cause harm in the long term. Hence, contacting an experienced doctor and maintaining a medication plan according to the doctor is the best practice to recover from premature ejaculations. Moreover, many reasons are responsible for the health issue. 

An experienced doctor can detect the underlying issue correctly. Removing these issues is very important to treat your problem for a lifetime, and this is another reason to seek help from modern medication and experienced doctors.