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The pills are produced by leading Indian pharmacologists for men who have experienced the problem of the reproductive system during intercourse

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Sildenafil citrate





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Cenforce Professional 100mg

The drug named Cenforce – it is a good discovery to solve the problems of male dysfunction. This generic is the most effective and suitable for the most problematic situations associated with the loss of male potency.
Cenforce Professional pills contain generic sildenafil, a sexually active agent that is taken by mouth. The drug restores erectile function in the cases of sexual impotence (totally or partially) in patients of various ages. Sexual stimulation is needed for the medicine to work.

It is the advanced development of pharmacologists against sexual dysfunction, regardless of the stage of severity. Neither age nor psychological depression will be able to prevent healthy sexuality. This drug is effective for 6 hours. Therefore, if you want, you can have sex more than once. By the way, sexual arousal is possible only with stimulation.

It has been a real market leader for over a year, which is gaining more and more popularity every day in the strong half of France. It provides a rapid erection, which can last a long time (up to six hours). Thanks to worldwide fame, this drug is prescribed for almost everyone who has encountered a problem of this type.

Also, in addition to its amazing effect, It’s popular due to its low price and the possibility of purchase without a prescription. In our online pharmacy, you can buy this drug very inexpensively. After placing your order, we will quickly ship it to any region of France.

The main substance, which is most effective in dealing with problems with the male reproductive system, is sildenafil. It provides the production of nitrogen in the male genital penis. Thanks to the release of hormones and the rapid flow of the necessary amount of blood into the man’s penis there is excitement, hence – the desired erection.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that it is not a stimulant, and the effect will only be provided with natural arousal. This drug will easily turn old passion around and help achieve a normal erection for men of any age, both young and mature enough.

One pill improves the erection for 4-5 hours. That said, this does not imply that it is a pill that will affect your sexual temperament. Sildenafil does not affect libido; patients achieve erectile state only when exposed to sufficient sexual stimulation. However, the refraction time (the time needed to recharge the energy for a new erection) will be much shorter with the pills, as it increases sexual stamina. Take one pill a day and never exceed this recommended dosage (one pill). Treatment with sildenafil is effective in 82% of men.

The main therapeutic action of the drug, which is to improve blood flow, creates a multitude of conditions that promote back-to-back erections for a period of 4 to 5 hours. Thanks to the natural sildenafil Cenforce being able to fight the disorders with the erections in 82% of cases. A strong pill contains a high amount of sildenafil and should only be taken if you have excellent tolerance to the drug. Sildenafil improves self-esteem and relationships between couples, helps overcome performance anxiety, and makes the quality of sex life more satisfying.

How to correctly use of cenforce professional?

Doctors recommend that you take no more than one tablet per day about an hour before the planned sexual intimacy. In the case of all kinds of diseases of the kidneys, liver, the dose should be reduced. To drink a pill, you need a glass of plain water. Take the pills 30-50 minutes before the expected sexual contact, do not eat before taking. Their action already develops in 30 minutes after taking and lasts 4 hours. Do not take these tablets while drinking alcoholic beverages as this can be followed by a dangerous decrease in blood pressure and ameliorate negative effects.

The tablets are contraindicated in the presence of severe organ dysfunctions of the myocardium and large vessels, the end stage of renal failure, and liver function, with persistent erection, anatomical deformities of the penis, and myeloma.

Do not mix the tablets with certain organic compounds and antiretroviral drugs.In some cases, color perception and visual acuity, arching headache, dizziness, flushing of the face, and dyspeptic phenomena may occur. These are functional issues and they go away independently in four hours. Otherwise, see your doctor.

Under its influence, the high-quality relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis and the active filling of the cavernous bodies with blood, which leads to a powerful erection. However, sildenafil improves potency only in the presence of sexual stimulation, therefore, you should not be afraid to take any of the drugs.

Facts about Cenforce

Some time ago impotence is a phrase, which meant a marked deterioration in the quality of life, a decrease in the self-esteem of a man, a failure of harmonious relations in a couple, as well as a long, expensive, and often unfavorable treatment. Fortunately, those times have faded into oblivion. Today anyone can buy effective and inexpensive potency boosting pills, using this pill will save from impotence and many problems associated with it.

These are pills manufactured by Centurion Laboratories of India. This is called generic Viagra. Its active constituent is Sildenafil Citrate, which is one of the most powerful constituents for treating ED and prolonging erection for a long time. There are 3 tablet strengths: Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 150 mg, and Cenforce 200 mg per dose depending on the severity of the ED

It is prescribed to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. It contains generic sildenafil citrate as the main therapeutic constituent, which is an effective inhibitor of PDE type 5.

It works by inhibiting the functions of the PDE type 5 enzyme, improves blood supply to the male reproductive region, and induces a stiffer and more robust erection. Apart from the management of erection obstacles. In order to manage erection problems, It offers immense satisfaction and pleasure to men during intimacy sessions and satisfies all sexual desires of the partner. It is also indicated to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

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