Extra Super Vidalista

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Tadalafil + Dapoxetine


Extra Super Vidalista


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What is an Extra Super Vidalista tablet?

Extra Super Vidalista Tablet brings vigor to a body and makes an erection possible. Not only does the medicine assist in getting a solid erection, but it also helps in staying a long time without ejaculation. That’s why it saves my relationship. A big percentage of men fail to get an erection many times. 

These situations can be embarrassing. With this pill, you can get an erection every time. As mentioned before, it is beneficial for premature ejaculation also. 

How does the Extra Super Vidalista tablet work?

This tablet is prescribed mainly for erectile brokenness or impotency. The tablet comes in a strength of a total of 100 mg. The compositions are Tadalafil 40 mg and Dapoxetine 60 mg. Hence, you will get benefits from two types of fixing. First, for having Tadalafil medicine acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor. 

As a result, after taking a PDE-5 inhibitor, your penile veins will be expanded and the pressure on smooth pelvic muscles will be relax. That’s the medicine that can generate bloodstream rush towards penile veins. Hence, with the medicine, you will get a solid erection. On the other hand, as it contains dapoxetine, your serotonin will be more active after taking the medication. As a result, you can perform sex for a long time. 

The medicine is also helpful for increasing the production of nitric oxide. The chemical is much needed for the erection process. By producing nitric oxide in excess amounts, you can erect easily. It  also regulates the amount of CGMP production at erection. 

This is an enzyme that controls the withdrawal of excess blood that reaches at the time of erection. By controlling CGMP, the medicine ensures the longevity of an erection. Hence, the medicine is good for both i.e. for getting an erection and performing long. That’s why with the Extra Super Vidalista Tablet, you can perform well.

Side Effects of Extra Super Vidalista tablet

  • A Non-ED person shouldn’t take medicine. As  Vidalista Tablet contains Tadalafil, it puts pressure on the bloodstream for proper erection. Hence, if taken by a non-ED person, the resultant force can be too much. In case of painful and prolonged erection, penile tissues can be damage. Sometimes damages are not reversible. Seek medical treatment in case of prolonged and painful erection.
  • Migraine and Nausea can happen in case of overdose.
  • Some people are allergic to Tadalafil.
  • Vomiting and loss motion can be seen if your body can’t tolerate the composition.
  • Mild side effects like pain in a muscle, feeling nervous, etc. are possible.
  • Heart attack is also a possible consequence of overdosing on Extra Super Vidalista Tablet. Hence, the medicine should be taken if only suggested by a doctor.

Extra Super Vidalista tablet dosage

You should gulp one tablet of  Vidalista with one glass of water. The medicine needs some time to make your body ready for an erection. The amount depends upon the body. On average, 30 to 40 minutes is enough. Hence, you should take medicine 30 to 45 minutes before having sexual activities.

How to take an Extra Super Vidalista tablet?

You need to gulp the medicine with water. Avoid chewing the tablet. 

Benefits of Extra Super Vidalista tablet

It can remove blockages in the penile veins. It is done through dilating blood vessels and smoothing pelvic muscles. The excess blood rush clears blockages in the penile veins. As a result, deformities due to penile vein blockages can be cured. 

By having Tadalafil, the medicine makes the erection process easy for you. A person who cannot maintain an erection will also get benefits from the medicine. For having Dapoxetine, medicine is suggested in the case of premature ejaculation. 

The medicine controls the actions of serotonin transporters. That’s why it has the ability to delay ejaculation. Hence, making prolonged sex will become easier for you. Most importantly, you will get these benefits from the first dosage.


  • People with cardiovascular illness should avoid Extra Super Vidalista Tablet as it can put extra pressure on heart muscles. 
  • If you have kidney and liver issues or infections, you should avoid taking medicine.
  • You shouldn’t take medicine if you have eye sickness as it puts pressure on eye veins.
  •  You should seek treatments that can provide long time benefits and are safe for you.
  • If your age is more than 55 years old, take medicine only if your doctor thinks your body can adjust to the Extra Super Vidalista Tablet’s changes.
  • Discuss your present medication planning with your doctor as Extra Super Vidalista Tablet interacts with a lot of medicines like antiviral, antibacterial, alpha-blockers, BP medicines, and Nitrates. For example, if tadalafil + Dapoxetine Tablet is taken before or after BP medicines or Nitrates, your blood pressure can drop too much. That’s why you should provide every medication detail to your doctor.
  • There are other lower and higher doses of tadalafil-containing drugs available. Let your doctor decide which dosage is good for you. Depending on your age and ability, an experienced doctor will suggest a high to low dose or low to high dose. High dosages than needed can cause severe and prolonged side effects.
  • If you don’t get enough good results, i.e., you find that premature ejaculation problem stays with you after taking medicine, please don’t take another dose immediately. It can lead to fatal situations. 


  • You should wait for 30 minutes after taking the Extra Super Vidalista Tablet. During this period, abstain from consuming alcohol or smoking too much. The resultant effect of alcohol and Extra Super Vidalista Tablet can make you senseless. After 30-40 minutes of waiting, you will get an erection with simple foreplay or kisses.
  • The Extra Super Vidalista Tablet normally stays for 2 to 3 hours. Hence, it is best to have sex between 40 minutes to 90 minutes. 
  • The medicine contains dapoxetine. That’s why you may feel a lack of energy. Avoiding driving may be needed in some cases. You may feel sleepy for a prolonged period. However, after some dosages, your body can adapt to these factors.
  • Doubling dosage will bring severe and non-reversible side effects.
  • You should maintain a 20 to 24 hours gap between two doses of Extra Super Vidalista Tablet.
  • Let your doctor decide how long you should use the Extra Super Vidalista Tablet. Your doctor will have a plan to remove dependency on ED drugs too. 


I didn’t get good enough results after using Viagra. I finished early many times. The Extra Super Vidalista Tablet solved the problem. Now, I can enjoy long-duration sex.

My relationship was in danger. The  vidalista tablet helped me to bring my vigor back. I have been using an extra Super Vidalista Tablet for a few weeks. I am satisfied with the results. No more depressing life for me.


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