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Explain about Fildena Professional 100

Fildena Professional 100 is a potent medication that deals with erectile dysfunction problems and treats impotence in sexless men. This medication comes under an inhibitor medication that includes phosphodiesterase enzymes and sildenafil citrate acts as the vital component of this drug.

A compound known as PDE-5 is found inside the penis of men that permits low penile erection by making it much more flaccid. Fildena Professional consists of PDE-5 inhibitors that greatly correct the characteristic and ultimately stop the catalyst from working, resulting in the erection of the penis even after ejaculation. Fildena professional 100 is available in oral dosage form, and it must be buy under the supervision of a doctor.

What is the use of Fildena Professional 100?

For patients with erectile dysfunction problems, a total change is observed in a patient’s character. Patients suffering from this problem lack energy, boldness, and certainty, so this drug helps to treat this problem effectively.

How do the Fildena Professional 100 pills work?

Make sure to adhere to the guidelines of a doctor for the consumption of this drug and follow every direction prescribed in the remedy so that the medicine can work productively with fewer after-effects. Make sure to consume the pill orally with sufficient water and never break, crush, or split the pill. You could take this drug with an empty stomach as it would not damage the medicine.

The medicine effect could last for up to four hours, which means a patient can experience an erection. Always prevent overdosing on the medication as it could result in various problems. This drug deals with low cGMP levels, whose main function is to stimulate a feeling of sex in the brain. So, this medication ultimately maintains cGMP level and greatly improves blood flow while relaxing muscles of the penis in males.

How to take the Fildena Professional 100?

The method of utilization of this medication is somewhat similar to other significant parts of varying medicines. For better results of the drug, make sure to prevent drinking and smoking. Take this pill with plain glass of water.

These types of addictions ultimately lower the response power, which ultimately influences the erection of the penis in males. Make sure to abide by all instructions given by a specialist and experienced erection for about 4 hours.

Explain the effects if you miss a dose or take an overdose of Fildena Professional 100?


The prescription should be taken seriously as prescribed by a specialist and avoid its overdose. Never consume the medication in a high dose as it could result in several issues and can make the body impenetrable to it.

Missed dose

Whenever you miss a dose, take the pill whenever you recall, but if another dose approaches, leave it and move to the next dose. Don’t ever consume two doses to compensate for the missed dose.

Some common side effects of Fildena Professional 100

Some very common side effects of Fildena Professional 100 are:-

  • Face redness
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling of eyelids
  • Change in visual color
  • Bloody urine
  • Painful erection
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Problems in hearing
  • The problem in seeing the light
  • Ringing in my ear

What are the warnings and precautions of Fildena Professional 100?


Unexpected dizziness while driving: improper consumption or approach of drug consumption might result in dizziness.

Loss of vision: Fildena 100  might have varying effects, like an improper vision in one or both eyes. So, avoid taking this drug whenever you experience such side effects.

Heart problems: heart problems are very dangerous and if you suffer from these problems, avoid intake of this drug until prescribed by a doctor.


Before consuming this drug, tell everything about your medical history to the specialist, especially those who experience heart issues. Avoid the consumption of this along with any nitrate medicines taken to deal with high blood pressure.

Refrain yourself from consuming any other type of medications without consulting with a specialist, as it would lead to various side effects. People who could experience hypertension might experience various side effects like obscured vision or dizziness during this drug’s consumption. Make sure to highlight your specialist with every health-related information.

Why buy a Fildena Professional 100 from

Correct medication: Patients get 100% ensured of fetching correct and real medicines.

Pocket friendly: Our discounts and cutoff points would permit you to take your decision judiciously.

Fast transport: We ensure to deliver properly packaged items in front of your doorstep with appropriate plans.

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Drug interactions of Fildena Professional 100 are

Patients are suggested to prevent consumption of Fildena Professional 100 if the patient is consuming any of the following life-saving medicines:-

  • Isosorbide dinitrate
  • Amyl nitrite
  • Atazanavir
  • Itraconazole
  • Amlodipine
  • Atenolol
  • Labetalol
  • Bosentan
  • Erythromycin
  • Darunavir
  • Rifabutin
  • Rifampin

Storage information

You could store the medication at room temperature of 30 degrees celsius in a dry spot. Furthermore, this medication doesn’t require cooling and cold stockpiling. The most suitable place to store the medicine is a dry and perfect place. Ensure not to store the drug where dampness and daylight are found as an excess of it could make the medication lose its bonds.

Pills should be stored in their original packing or a waterproof container. Keep the medication away from the reach of children and pets, and don’t store the drug in a refrigerator. Make sure to dispense the drug with proper care.

General FAQs

How does Fildena professional 100 function?

Ans. Fildena Professional 100 is a PDE-5 inhibitor that ultimately works by relaxing the smooth muscles of a male’s penis and ultimately enhances blood flow to a male’s penis. Moreover, the drug helps achieve a firm erection whenever there is a sexual feeling.

Is Fildena Professional 100 safe?

Answer: Fildena Professional 100 is an FDA-approved medication, hence, the drug doesn’t impact your body. But, the drug possesses some side effects that patients could encounter.

Could the drug be taken with alcohol?

Answer: This drug is not suggested to take with alcohol as it could lower the impacts of the medicine along with alcohol.

Is Fildena Professional 100 an over-the-counter drug?

Answer: No, this drug is not an over-the-counter drug, and you could only get this drug if recommended by a specialist.

Is Fildena Professional 100 asteroid?

Answer: This medication is not a steroid as the drug includes an area with phosphodiesterase medications. And these types of drugs greatly treat erectile dysfunction problems in males.


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