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The tablets for increasing the potency, refer to the popular brand Fildena. Modern means of this brand have been perfectly proven to be effective and safe pills for potential improvement

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Sildenafil citrate




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What is Fildena super active?

Fildena 100 super active is a double-action medicine, and it helps a man in both cases of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. That’s why you can consider medicine a complete medicine for sexual Wellness. The medicine is made with sildenafil citrate, and that’s why the medicine will make your erection possible but also helps you stay for a longer time. 

Hence with the help of medicine, you can satisfy your partner easily. I hope you know that Sildenafil is a serotonin transporter inhibitor, and that’s why Super Fildena compositions help delay ejaculation.

How does the Fildena super active work?

As mentioned before, Fildena super active is made with sildenafil citrate. The composition is a pde5 inhibitor, and the inhibition dilates your vein and allows an extra amount of blood in your penile veins. For erection, you need excess blood volume in your private organ, and the medicine’s composition does this for you. 

Not only dilating, but the composition is also helpful in your pelvic muscles. The effect of relaxation is that your blood flow rushes to your penis. With these two effects, an erection will become easier for you. As a result, you will get an erection even with simple touches from your partner. That’s why medicine is the ultimate solution for a person with erection-related problems. 

On the other hand, you need to stay a sufficient amount of time in bed to make your partner happy. Premature ejaculation is not a rare problem, and most of us have this problem at different ages. Medicine is also a solution to the problem. So, the medicine will make you able to stay a long time. That’s why Super Fildena has saved many relationships till now.

Side Effects of Fildena super active

There are many side effects of a Super Fildena tablet. These are as follows:

  • First of all, you should not take medicine without taking suggestions from an experienced doctor. The medicine is really good but its contents are highly powered. It can harm you if the dose is not appropriate for you. You may harm your penile tissues if the medicine is an overdose for you. Consult with a doctor immediately if you have a painful and prolonged erection.
  • Only an experienced doctor can detect the right dose of Fildena for you. You may have severe migraine after taking medicine in case of overdosing. 
  • Other dangerous side effects are chest pain, drop in blood pressure levels, muscle pain, etc.
  •  If you are allergic to Sildenafil, you may suffer from red skin and rash. 
  • Red eyes problem after taking medicine may happen if your eye muscles are weak. Temporary loss of eyesight and hearing power may happen in case of overdose.
  • Loose motion is also possible for a person whose digestive system is not strong.

Fildena super active Dosage

Fildena super active 100mg needs around half an hour to facilitate erection. The amount of time the medicine is needed for making changes in your body, so you should take the medicine half an hour before having sex. 

It is better to take medicine around 45 minutes before going to your partner. Also, remember, the medicine starts to lose its efficacy within 3 hours. That’s why you should complete your sexual activities between 45 minutes to 3 hours.

How to Take a Fildena super active tablet?

One tablet of Fildena super active 100mg is enough for making your body prepare for good sex. You need to gulp one pill of Super Fildena with a glass of water.

Benefits of Fildena super active

The main benefit of Super Fildena is treating erectile dysfunction. You need to take one tablet of Super Fildena every time you want to have sex. On the other hand, it has Sildenafil also increases the activities of XXXerotonin. That’s why another goodness of Super Fildena is it delays ejaculation. Hence, with the help of the medicine, you will get complete satisfaction from your sexual performance. Super Fildena helps in releasing NO, and the chemical is very helpful in the erection process. 

When someone’s body can’t produce enough NO, the medicine helps facilitate the production of NO. Super Fildena also helps in maintaining eCGMP hormone levels. The hormone level decides the amount of blood volume in the penile veins. The medicine helps maintain enough blood volume in the penile veins to maintain an erection for a sufficient amount of time. 

The tablet is also helpful in removing blockages from penile veins. By blocking the PDE5 enzyme, Super Fildena dilates veins and increases blood pressure. That’s why any blocking object will be remove from your penile veins. The best part of the medicine, you will get positive results from the first dose. Hence, you don’t have to lead a depressing life of your sexual weakness. 


  • If you have an underlying heart problem, you should avoid taking Super Fildena. In the worst-case scenario, you may have a heart attack in that case.
  • Don’t double dose in any case. It may lead to irreversible health injuries. 
  • If taken with BP pills, your blood pressure may reach abnormal levels.
  • This is not only a performance-enhancing drug. It also changes body functions to make erection possible. That’s why a Non-ED person shouldn’t use Super Fildena.
  • Men with weak kidneys or liver should avoid the medicine.
  • As Super Fildena contains Sildenafil, you may feel sleepiness. That’s why it is better to avoid driving after taking medicine.
  • There should be around 20 hours gap between the two dosages of Super Fildena.


  • After the first few dosages, you may feel some of the above-mentioned side effects. Please consult with your doctor before discontinuing. 
  • You may feel nausea after taking medicine for the first time. However, the symptom is not common.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke too much just before or after taking medicine. Stay cool for half an hour after taking medicine and start sexual activities.
  • Super Fildena shouldn’t be sold without a prescription. The ingredient of the medicine is too powerful. It can harm your body. For example, if taken by a 55+ years old man, it can harm his heart muscles.
  • You may feel low energetic after taking a few dosages of Super Fildena. This will happen as it contains Sildenafil citrate. Please include at least light exercises in your daily routine. 
  • Including exercise and healthy foods will enable you to have good sex all the time and remove dependency on Super Fildena. The medicine can remove your weakness within an hour but you will need to take medication every time you want to have sex.


Super Fildena helped me a lot to perform well in bed. Now I can stay longer. As I have a hectic life, I cannot have good sex. My doctor suggested Fildena super active. Now, I am feeling well and confident. Super Fildena has made me good at sex, and the positive results were seen from the first dosage.

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    it gives an immediate impact, immediate energy for your penis, and delight till the final minute without the want of any partner or device.

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