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Filban 100mg

Arouse your interest in sexual activities with the help of Filban 100 tablets that can make life brighter in no time.

Filban 100mg tablets can effectively cure hypoactive sexual disorders that occur because of hormonal imbalance and menopausal symptoms. Each pack comes with a set of 4 tablets that need to be taken after expert recommendation. The medicine can ably increase the events of sexual satisfaction as a part of ongoing therapy.

How does Filban work?

The medicine has a special role in stimulating sexual response from women. It manipulates the neurotransmitter hormones and gives natural desire to arouse sexuality. The medicine creates a balance between different hormones so that there is a greater satisfaction achieved. The medicines are devised to improve sexual health of women and to improve their capabilities simultaneously.

How to consume Filban?

The medicine has to be orally consumed with freshwater on the stipulated duration after expert prescription. Discontinue the drug consumption If in case no improvement is seen even after 8 weeks of medication. The double dosage is not recommended in any case and there should be no cases of self medication.

A proper involvement of a health practitioner is advised because the frequency of the medicine would be suggested according to the medical history and symptoms of the patient. Do not get indulged in any habit of toxicity and maintain a Healthy lifestyle. People suffering from hypertension and other diseases are not recommended with the Filban 100 MG tablets.

Probable side effects-

The side effects are temporary in nature and go away on their own without needing any medical assistance most of the time. Somehow , you must inform your doctor in case there are mildest Side Effects experienced. The most common unwanted effects of the medicine are designer nausea, restlessness and tiredness. Do not delay in case there is a sudden blood pressure problem or any other serious issue occurring after the consumption of these pills.

When to avoid Filban medication?

People having a habit of alcoholism must avoid consuming the medicine as it can create serious internal issues. You must also avoid taking the medicine if you have a multiple of other diseases that are being treated.

What is the recommended duration for consuming Filban tablets?

The medicine should not be consumed for more than 8 – 12 weeks as suggested by the health expert. Women who feel that sexual abilities are improving can withdraw the oral pills without any further consultation. If in case there is a little improvement seen, you can continue the treatment for a maximum duration of 12 weeks.

Storage guide for Filban

  • You must not show any carelessness in storing the medicine. The tablets should not be within the reach of children.
  • The medicine should be kept in a place that does not have much humidity and remains moderate in temperature.
  • Check out the expiry date and do not never consume the medicine is beyond the that
  • The leftover medicine should be handed over to the health expert. Avoid flushing and throwing away the medicine as it can create damage.


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