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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Tadalafil + Dapoxetine


Super Vidalista


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

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What is Super Vidalista ?

Super Vidalista is one of the safe, popular medicines which helps to eradicate two problems: premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Patients can have two medicines at a single price. But this is not an OTC product.

Before purchasing this tablet, patients need to talk to a doctor about their medical history, such as type  2 diabetes, high level of cholesterol, thyroid, hypertension, or heart disease. Do not forget to tell them about your list of medicines consumed, herbs, and dietary supplements 20mg of tadalafil and 60mg of dapoxetine is the basic substance that is required to produce this medicine.

Centurion laboratories private limited is engaged in the production of this medicine, and this is one of the reliable and leading exporters and suppliers of medicines. This renowned establishment started its journey in 2006, and the location headquarters of this renowned company is in Vadodara.

This medication should be store away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Keep this medicine cold, clean, and darkroom.  Below 30 degrees c temperature is suitable for conserving the same. Ladies, pets, and youngsters need to stay away from this medication.

How does super Vidalista work?

Dapoxetine helps increase the level of serotonin and prevents the breaking down of this chemical messenger in the central nervous system.  Serotonin sends a signal in the brain to hold the ejaculation for the right moment.

PDE5 enzyme prevents the easy flow of blood in the penis by breaking down cGMP. As a consequence patients cannot erect hard. Nitric oxide gets released due to the cGMP enzyme, and this medicine stops the function of PDE5 and helps to accumulate the cGMP enzyme.  For this reason, blood vessels of the penis get expanded and enter the bloodstream. As a result, patients can maintain a hard erection.

The Side-Effects of Super Vidalista


  • Redness on the face
  • Flushing
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Blurred vision
  • Stuffy nose
  • Indigestion
  • Insomnia
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Back pain, joint pain
  • Dry mouth


  • Painful urination
  • Headache
  • Loss of hearing
  • Priapism
  • Painful and extended erection

Super Vidalista dosage

This medicine comes on the market in several strengths such as 2.5mg, 5mg,10mg, 20mg,40mg, 60mg,60mg, and many more. But patients have no idea about the choice of dose. For this reason, taking suggestions from a doctor is very much required. After knowing the age, the intensity of the problem, and the health issue, the doctor prescribes the right dose.

Initially, they prefer to recommend mild to moderate doses. After supervising the effect of this medicine, they can change the dose if necessary. But you cannot modify the dose without a valid prescription.  Patients have to take only one pill within 24 hours, and taking multiple pills within a single day is not permitted.

Patients are advise to take the only stipulated amount of this medicine. If they feel that they have taken more than their assigned dose, they may face severe side effects such as itching, breathing disorder, infertility, sleepiness, numbness. To alleviate this problem, admitting the nearest hospital is very much needed.

To get the best result and memorize it easily, you can take this medicine at a fixed time. But if you ever fail to do so, make sure that you are taking your missed dose before passing that day. If the time of taking a new dose is very near, take only a new dose instead of the failed one.

How to take a Super Vidalista tablet?

This pill has to be gulpe down along with water. Patients have to take this medicine at least 30-60 minutes before lovemaking with their partner.  You can take this medicine either in the morning or at night.

While taking this medication, patients need to stop the habit of drinking liquor excessively and smoking. Alcohol intake can slow down the effect of this medicine and increase the dizziness of the patients.  After taking this tablet, it becomes effective in 15-20 minutes.

Patients can take this tablet along with a light meal or on an empty stomach.  When deciding to take your tablet along with a meal, you have to wait 2 hours before or after taking this medicine.

Benefits of Super Vidalista

Those men cannot sustain a hard erection due to a lack of penile stiffness, they cannot satisfy their partner in bed. For this reason, their partner remains dissatisfied, and their relationship comes to an end.

Apart from this, men lose their confidence, stamina, and self-esteem. This medicine helps them to fight against impotence by giving them the ability to maintain a hard erection and extending the time of foreplay.

Many men cannot hold their ejaculation for the right time and for this reason they cannot satisfy the sexual hunger of their partner due to not reaching orgasm. This medicine helps to delay discharge and gives them time to enjoy sexual pleasure.


  • Those men are advised to consume alpha-blockers such as doxazosin, tamsulosin for enlarged prostate and hypertension, they have to wait for 4 hours after taking this medicine.
  • While taking this pill, patients should not eat a greasy meal. As it takes longer to be digest in the body. As a result, this medicine delays its effect. Apart from this, patients should abstain from taking grapefruit juice or caffeine products. It may also be the cause of delaying the action of this medicine.
  • Those patients who are recommended to take virus protease inhibitors like telaprevir and boceprevir should not take this medicine.
  • Those men who are advise to consume beta-blockers like atenolol for chest pain and hypertension should not take this medicine.
  • If patients experience a painful erection for more than 4 hours, they have to stop taking this medicine and go to the doctor immediately. Otherwise, patients become impotent due to damaged penile tissue due to negligence.


  • While under medication, patients should take all precautionary measures to avoid unwanted pregnancy if they decide to have sex with their partner. Because neither this medicine can prevent the couple from not being infected by sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B, syphilis, gonorrhea nor it can protect women from not getting pregnant.
  • Those men who have serious health problems like heart disease, and kidney disease, need to get a proper diagnosis for taking this medicine.


This is one of the best medications that aid two problems like penile disorder and untimely discharge. But the effect of this medicine is not the same for everyone. Even if someone has the same problem, he is recommended not to take medication based on review. Before taking this pill, he must consult the doctor.

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