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What is Tadalista 10 mg ?

Tadalista 10 mg is a medication prescribed for patients who have erectile dysfunction. Such patients are not satisfy with their erection during sexual activities.

The patient may not be able to manage a sufficiently hard erection for sexual activities. If he has incurred some physical injury that has damage his sexual urge. And such patients will not see any improvement in their condition even after the use of this medicine because this medicine will only work in those patients who still have a libido.

10 milligrams of tadalafil is the main medicinal component in this medicine. This is a comparatively lower concentration and it is given initially to observe the response of the patient if need the dosage will be increased with time base on the needs of the patient.

This medicine is manufactured and supplied by Centurion Laboratories Pvt Limited, established in Vadodara, Gujarat. They have been supplying medicines throughout the country for quite some time now and they are quite reliable. These tablets are available on online platforms as well as at regular offline pharmacies. People are gradually beginning to turn to online shopping More frequently because this is comparatively comfortable, hassle-free, and somewhat cheaper.

How does Tadalista 10 mg work?

The effect of both of them in the penis and the surrounding area causes a greater supply of blood to those parts and this causes a better erection.

The action of these two is inhibited by the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5. This particular medicine is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor and by reducing the activity of PDE 5. It maintains greater levels of the hormone cGMP and nitrates in the blood and helps the patients get a better erection.

Side Effects of Tadalista 10 mg

  • Nasal congestion
  • Indigestion
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Gastric reflux and dyspepsia
  • Loose motions
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Painful urination
  • Numbness

Tadalista 10 mg dosage

The dosage of this medicine will be decided by a doctor only and you’re not suppose to alter that according to your discretion because the dosages are decide base on your needs response, medical condition, etc. And only the most suitable schedule is prescribe. It is also important to maintain the safety and efficacy of the medicine.

So it is recommend that you continue to follow all the instructions regarding the dosage of this medicine given to you by a doctor stop generally, this medicine is taken before having sex stop the number of times that you can take this dose is also decide by your doctor.

If you skip a dose of this medicine or forget to take it on time, you can take it the next time you are going to have sex in the regular dosage and it is nothing to be worry about. However, do not increase the doors, overdose to compensate for the dose that you missed earlier.

The symptoms that indicate an overdose of this medicine are difficulty in breathing, prolong painful erections called priapism, hot flushing, and panting.

You need to do this as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration of your health condition and prevent permanent damage to your penis and libido.Which can occur in a severe overdose of this medicine.

How to take Tadalista 10 mg tablets?

As per your dosage schedule, swallow this tablet with a lot of water. You can only take a hall tablet with water. All other instructions receive from the doctor are to be follow as well will protect unforeseen negative impacts of this medicine.

This medicine works quickly, and its effects are visible within a short time. The medicine can start to work in 30 minutes so take this medicine about an hour or so before you have sex.

Benefits of Tadalista 10 mg Tablet

This medicine has various uses and benefits, and they are list as follows :

  • The side effects that do occur due to this medicine are very easy to manage and with time, as the body gets use to Medicine, the side effects go away.
  • .If the patient follows the dosage schedule properly, He can even avoid the problem of priapism that can occur due to an overdose.
  • This medicine can be use to treat erectile dysfunction. This medicine has also found its use in behavioral therapies for patients who are stress due to their unsatisfactory sexual life stop. It is give in combination with other drugs in this case, please stop.
  • Sometimes it can be use to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness
  • It is also use as an aphrodisiac sometimes.


  • Sensorineural hearing loss is an impairment of the hearing capacity of the patient that develops to the use of this medicine. Because it causes some physiological changes.
  • This medicine can also affect the eyes negatively and it has varying degrees of side effects in different patients. Which can vary from visual alteration, blurring of vision to blue-green color impairment, ischemic Nonarteritic retinopathy, etc
  • Dyspepsia, rashes, and myalgia are some of the symptoms that develop in patients who are allergic to them. They need to stop using these tablets immediately to restore their health and prevent their condition from deteriorating severely.
  • Patients with pulmonary edema seizure disorders are not recommend to use this medicine.


  • Inform a doctor about pre-existing health problems and medications to do .So he can reduce the chances of you getting an adverse drug reaction or unwanted side effects of the medicine.
  • Prevent the use of alcohol while taking this medicine. Because it can affect your proper metabolism and make you dizzy and disoriented. If you observe that this medicine makes you dizzy, you do not drive after taking it.
  • Do not consume grapefruit juice while using this medicine.
  • Under no condition should you take nitrates while using this medicine because this combination can even be fatal.
  • Prevent oily, greasy, and fatty foods when you take this Tadalafil ingredient because it will reduce its absorption and the effects of the medicine will decrease.


The reviews of this medicine are very good and the patients like the safety, efficacy, and potency of this medicine It helps the patients get rid of their problem of erectile dysfunction conveniently. Not only the patients but even the doctors also prefer to prescribe this medicine to their patients.


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