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Zudena 100mg (udenafil)

Never let your sexual incapabilities prolong. Place an order for Zudena 100 from the leading Strapcart online medical shop to get instant home delivery.

The medicine treats erectile dysfunction with the help of udenafil which belongs to the Pde -5 drug inhibitor. The medicine reaches the main organ of the body and allows blood flow for easy undertaking of sexual activities. Get rid of both sexual and pulmonary blockages within a span of 30 – 60 minutes. Do not live a life of adversity but embrace better health with Zudena 100 MG capsules exclusively available at Allprimepill online medical store.

What do you need to ensure –

  • You must be completely non allergic to the PDE-5 inhibitor udenafil.
  • Stop consuming toxic drinks and beware of your eating habits
  • Avoid supplements of any other kind with the ongoing medical therapy
  • Avoid nitrate completely
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not execute machine operated tasks

Withdraw the medicine if-

  • Sudden drawbacks are Experienced
  • If you suffer from kidney or liver disease
  • If there is a drug obstruction
  • If you do not find any improvement
  • If you find lower blood pressure or heart problem of any kind

Recommended dosage

The medicine is specifically meant to treat erectile issues and pulmonary hypertension by supplying better blood flow in the required bodily areas. It should be noted that Zudena is available in varying strength and frequency and must be recommended by the health practitioner. The intensity of disease and body composition differs from person to person and for that reason there is no ideal dose recommended so far. Somehow, it suggested to take your next dose only after a span of 36 hours and not before that.

The medicine is not meant to be consumed for lifetime. Withdraw the oral consumption after a few days.

It is highly important to follow the paediatric advice and precautionary measures mentioned on the back of the capsule pack. The larger dosage of the product is not suggested even if the outcomes are mild and dissatisfactory.

The medicine is not meant for females because of their bodily composition. It is devised to treat sexual disabilities and incapabilities whether temporary or permanent in nature in males only.

How to consume the oral prescription of Zudena?

The medicine should be consumed with fresh water just before the sexual intercourse. Do not increase or decrease the dosage of the medicine on your own but take the help of a medical expert every time when needed.

What to do in case of a medical overdose?

If you are susceptible to overdose of the medicine, there can be symptoms of sleeplessness, elongated erection and seizures. The symptoms will go away on their own but it is important to take the help of a medical expert to reverse the impact.

If you accidentally skip the dose of Zudena 100 at any point of the time, there are no issues in that. You do not have to double the dose whatsoever. Just consume the same amount of dosage the next day on the required time.


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