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What is Vilitra ?

Vilitra is one of the FDA checked, non-exclusive low-cost medications for men dealing with erectile dysfunction. But before taking this pill, patients should know that it helps maintain an erection as long as it is in your body. So to recover your problem permanently with Vilitra 20 , you need to go to the chamber of the doctor.

This medicine is not helpful at all unless the couple is sexually excited. Patients should disclose their previous health history and issue, if any, such as heart disease, hypertension, or thyroid, to the doctor. They even need to share their past and present list of medicines taken.

Vardenafil is the name of the PDE5 blocker that is used in producing this pill. Centurian laboratories private limited is one of the reliable, renowned suppliers and distributors of pharmaceutical products. This reputed organization started its business in 2006.The headquarter of this company is in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Use of Vilitra

Those males face difficulty with hard and extend erections, they must try this medicine. This medication helps them to achieve a hard erection in the long term.

How does the Vilitra pill work?

PDE5 enzyme obstructs the easy flow of blood in the penis due to the non-accumulation of cGMP. For this reason, patients cannot attain a stiff erection. But this medicine allows the storage of cGMP in the corpus cavernous by preventing the function of PDE5. As a result arteries of the penis get dilated and adequate transmission of blood enables men to erect naturally.

What are the benefits of Vilitra?

After taking this medicine, patients get physical benefits and mental benefits. When they successfully achieve a hard erection, their partner gets satisfy in bed. As a result, the couple gets back mental peace, energy, and stamina.

How to take Vilitra ?

Take your medicine at least 30 minutes before physical intercourse with your partner. You can take your medicine a maximum of  4 hours prior begin your sexual episode. You have to devour the pill along with water.

Keep in mind that you cannot chew, break or crush this tablet due to decreasing the effect of this medicine. You should take only one pill within 24 hours, and taking multiple doses within one day is not permitted. While taking your pill, make sure you take it either on an empty stomach or only with light meals.

Why buy Vilitra from

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What are the Drug Interactions of Vilitra ?

  • Those patients who have problems with hypersensitivity of Vardenafil need to avoid taking this pill. Even if they take it for lack of knowledge, they may face rashes, hives, breathing disorders, and swelling on the face and throat.
  • Those patients who take amlodipine for hypertension should not take this medicine. Otherwise, they may face a sudden drop in blood pressure due to the combined effect of these medications.
  • Those patients who are entitled to consume nitrate-containing medicines such as nitroglycerine for angina or paupers such as amyl nitrate for recreational purposes should not take Vardenafil at the same time. Otherwise, they may face a sudden drop in blood pressure, fainting.
  • Those patients who have to take ritonavir, named protease inhibitor for the treatment of AIDS, must avoid taking Vilitra. As former depletes the effect of the latter.


Conserving this medication the right way is very much required. It should be kept within 10and 30 degrees c temperature. This medicine should be stored away from heat, moisture, and sunlight, and it should be preserved in a cold, clean, and dark place. After opening the original package, never keep it in the refrigerator or bathroom.

Warning and Precautions

  • While under the influence of this medicine, never drive the car due to the cause of dizziness taking this medication.
  • Those patients who have serious retina disorders such as retinitis pigmentosa should not consume this medicine. After taking this pill, many patients become blind in one or two eyes (NAION). For this reason, patients need to stop taking medication if they feel any problems with their eyes.
  • Those patients who have a serious bleeding disorder such as hemophilia should not consume this pill. In addition, if patients with serious blood cell disorders such as sickle cell anemia, myeloma, or deform penis such as Peyronie’s disease, are declined more towards priapism, should not take this medicine.


Is Vilitra over-the-counter medicine or not?

Vilitra is not an over-the-counter product, and it is not safe for patients to take this medicine without a valid prescription. Even without a doctor’s prescription, you do not get any idea how long you have to continue this medicine. For this reason, never refer others to take this tablet even if they have the same problem.

What is the dosage of Vilitra ?

Patients cannot decide about the suitability of their dosage of medicine. After knowing the age, and the seriousness of the problem, doctors choose the right dose of this medicine. Patients are authorized to consume only a limited amount of this medicine.

They cannot modify the dosage without talking to a health practitioner. If you ever take a higher amount than a recommendation, you may face serious side effects such as painful erection, infertility, itching, and trouble breathing. To mitigate this problem, patients have to admit the nearest hospital immediately.

What happens if you forget to take your dose?

Taking your stipulate dose on time is necessary. But if you fail to consume your pill due to your forgetfulness, you have to take it 12 hours before taking your new dose after that no need to take your missed dose. Never take two pills at the same time to cover the failed one.

Is there any alternative dose of Vilitra ?

This medicine is available in several strengths in the market. The various doses are 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, 60mg and 80mg.  Initially, the doctor prefers to give 5-10mg doses for overcoming sexual dysfunction among males. They can refer up to 40mg dose if they think so.

How long the effect of this medicine persists in your body?

The effect of this medicine on the body depends on several factors such as metabolism rate, age, and physical strength. In general effect of this tablet lasts up to 5 hours.

Are Cenforce and Vilitra the same?

Cenforce and Vilitra are used for the same purpose, i.e., to treat penile disorder in men. But Sildenafil is the active component used for producing Cenforce, and Vardenafil is the basic substance used for Vilitra.

Is everyone eligible to take this medicine?

Those patients who have not attained the age of 18 are not entitled to take this medicine. Apart from them, women and pets need to avoid the proximity of this medicine.