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prime pill“Free Shipping order Above $199, FDA Approved/Certified Medicine 100 % money back guarantee”

Why we choose

There are many online medicine like Fildena , Cenforce, Vidalista , Tadalista stores available in the market. But Allprimepill medicine store offers authentic products at low cost with various facilities. This US-based online store is one of the most renowned pill distributors in the world, and this top-notch company has expanded its business over the world.

For this reason, not only the native customers but also buyers from many countries in the world can purchase this medicine from this renowned platform. But before placing an order, customers should know that they cannot cancel their order after dispatching items from this site, and they have to cancel their order within 24 hours.

How is Allprimepill a trustable online shop?

Allprimepill is one of the safest, most trustworthy medication stores in the virtual world. We sell medicines not only for monetary benefit but to give solutions to the customers to their problems. For this reason, we never sell any over-the-counter pills. We never approve the order of customers until they upload their prescriptions.

Even before approving the order, our medical team communicates with the buyers regarding their health issues the purpose of taking medicine, and only after getting satisfactory answers from customers do we approve the order.

Many customers are not comfortable going to the doctor, and they can communicate with our professional medical service providers regarding their problems without revealing their identity. After knowing the health history through video calls, doctors prescribe the medicine. After that, you can easily purchase medicine from our reputed store.

Our payment process is 100% safe, secure, and simple

Apart from offering the best quality product, efficient service, we try to sell our item to the customers at the lowest rate. Previously cash on delivery service was available in our store. But due to the corona pandemic, we have stopped the COD facility to avoid physical contact. Instead of it, buyers can pay through several methods such as debit cards, credit cards, bitcoin, and many more.

Even bitcoin users get some additional discounts on their purchases. Those who like to pay using a debit card or credit card can feel safe regarding their banking transactions.

We use a high-quality technical system that helps to keep your banking details secret. Our team uses top-quality software to protect customers’ privacy so that it can easily prevent hacking or any fraudulent activity.

All medicines are FDA approved

Our team is concerned about customers’ safety, for this reason, we never sell any product which did not get approval from the Food and pill Administration (FDA). Customers cannot raise a question about the authenticity of the medicines delivered by us. We deal only with the top-notch pill stores that use the only genuine substance for producing medicines. Even while delivering the item to the buyers, we provide a certificate to them as proof of authenticity.

We provide 24×7 customer support

Generally, buyers do not face trouble filling up the form of ordering medicine due to its easy and simple process. Still, if anyone is stuck while ordering an item, they can feel free to communicate with our efficient, friendly, and professional customer support team. They are open 24 hours to the service of customers.

Even if customers cannot locate the order, they can easily know the location by communicating with the customer support team. Apart from telephone, you can ask your queries using email, live chat, WhatsApp, and telegram.

But before communicating with them, you should go through the FAQs section of our site. It may solve your query and saves you a lot of time. If you are not satisfied with the service given by our professional team, you can send a suggestion for the betterment of their service. If you are annoyed by the unprofessional and rude behavior of customer team members, you can complain by sending mail to our official website.

Safe packing

We are devoted to all of our customers, and we are committed to them to deliver items in an indefensible manner. For this reason, before shipping the item, our dedicated team checks the packaged item so that nothing can damage the item inside the package. While wrapping up the item for customers, our team packages products using the best quality materials so that rain dirt cannot destroy the ordered item.

Fast delivery

After placing an order, our delivery team tries to deliver the item to the doorstep of customers within a few hours. Speediest delivery is one of the significant features to our stores. Even if our team fails to deliver your item stipulated time due to some inconvenience, they inform you earlier. In that situation, they deliver your item free of cost.

We provide easy return policy

Since we maintain our reputation, we always give you the best quality and accurate products to our customers. But buyers often are not satisfied after receiving the item for various causes such as damaged items, wrong products, and many others. In this situation, customers have to return their item within 3 days, and after that, we cannot accept the product.

Before returning items, buyers should go through the terms and conditions given by our company. If our professional team finds anything wrong with your returned product after checking items, we are obliged to deliver you the fresh item at free delivery. Even if we send you the wrong product and after returning the item if we did not find the right product in our stock, we will refund your money.


We have launched this virtual medicine store recently. We are blessed that a lot of buyers have relied upon us within a short span. For this reason, reviews and feedback of customers are valuable to us for providing better service in future to them.

Apart from this, our professional team arranges surveys to know how to improve our service and what kind of service customers expect from us. This information helps us deliver service to the customers in the best possible future.

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